Receive Finance Advice from an Accredited Finance Broker

If you’re buying a home, refinancing, or looking to purchase another property, chances are you’ll need a loan.

But do you know who to talk to so you can choose the right loan for your circumstances? Avoiding the pitfalls of choosing a “good deal” with hidden costs and penalties?

What is a Finance Broker?

A Finance Broker is someone who is qualified to provide you with advice about mortgages, loans, and other forms of finance and credit.

A good Finance Broker can save you time and money, and give you peace of mind. As an MFAA accredited Finance Broker, I am recognised by the MFAA as having the education, ethics, and experience necessary to provide you with advice about loans.

The Finance Advice Process

Before offering you any advice, I will meet with you at a convenient time and place to discuss your requirements, goals, and current financial situation. Using this information, I will research and recommend possible lenders and products.

Once you make a choice, I prepare the application for you. Then liaise with the lender for you throughout the process.

Post-settlement, I keep in touch to support you throughout the life of your loan. That way, I help ensure you still enjoy the most suitable loan for your circumstances in the years to come.

Your Loan

If that sounds like the sort of service you’re looking for, send me a message or call me today on (07) 3911 1190 so we can organise a free and no-obligation consultation.

Why Use a Finance Broker?

Save Time

With so many competing lenders, products, and features, navigating the mortgage market can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Save time finding the right loan by using a finance broker who has access to a range of lenders and is familiar with the products and options available.

Find The Right Loan

Choosing the right loan isn’t just about finding the lowest rate. You need to ensure your loan has all the features you need, and doesn’t include any pitfalls such as hidden fees and penalties. A Finance Broker can help you to determine your individual needs, and evaluate the suitability of each option.

Experience Peace Of Mind

All MFAA accredited Finance Brokers complete ongoing training to keep up-to-date with changes in the mortgage market and law, and must abide by a code of practice. This means you can be confident you’re receiving expert advice, and are protected from unscrupulous brokers.

Get In Touch

For advice and support from a accredited Finance Broker – and a free and no-obligation consultation – get in touch today. Send me a message or call (07) 3911 1190.