How we contribute to the Great Australian Dream

How we contribute to the Great Australian Dream

We’re pretty proud of the work we do. Every day we get to help Aussie families secure finance for the home of their dreams and set up their financial future. Here’s why we’ll always put you first.

You may have seen news reports in recent times regarding the lending practices of some of the banking industry’s less scrupulous operators.

And to be honest, it can sometimes be a little frustrating seeing these headlines when we work so hard to help families achieve their life-long dream of purchasing their own home.

So, we’d like to clear the air. It’s the practices of a few big players, not mortgage brokers like us, that are bringing the mortgage broking industry’s reputation into disrepute.

And a recent independent report by Deloitte Access Economics has backed up mortgage brokers just like us with the following findings.

Deloitte Access Economics’ key findings

More than 90% of customers are happy with their mortgage broker’s performance.

Mortgage brokers on average have almost 14 years’ industry experience.

Mortgage brokers drive competition as they have access to 34 lenders, not just the major banks (the share for non-bank lenders has increased from 21.4% in 2013 to 27.9%).

The mortgage broker channel has contributed to a fall in lenders’ net interest margins of more than three percentage points over the past 30 years.

Get in touch

Here’s another interesting stat. Deloitte also found that 70% of the average mortgage broker’s business is referred from existing customers.

This highlights just how important it is for us to put you, our client, at the centre of everything we do.

Because without your ongoing support, we wouldn’t have a business to run.

So if you, a family member or a friend would ever like to find out more about how we can help secure a great Australian dream home, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The top five advantages of using a mortgage broker

The top five advantages of using a mortgage broker

Shopping, watching a movie, catching up on the news – there are many things that are cheaper and easier to do online these days. But obtaining a quality home loan? Well, the only time you’ll want to use the internet for that is connecting with an expert.

When it comes to picking a home loan, people tend to go for one of three options: search online, visit their bank, or use the services of a mortgage broker.

Here we look at five reasons why a mortgage broker is hands-down the best option to find the right home loan for you:

1. We work for you, not for an institution

We brokers are independent professionals who have access to home loans from a wide range of different lenders (30+).

A bank will only offer you access to its own products, which may not necessarily be the best fit for your personal situation.

A broker works on behalf of the client, picking suitable products from a number of different lenders in order to give you the best choice.

2. We’re faster

Brokers are specialist professionals who concentrate on finding suitable home loans for their clients.

Our processes are often simpler and much faster than you can expect from a bank, where processing and approval can take weeks.

3. You have more chance of success

When you work with a broker, you are given access to dozens of home loan products from various lenders.

This means there’s a far greater chance of finding something suitable, rather than simply relying on the products of a single institution.

We also know which ones you’re most likely to have success with, which can save you countless hours of applying online yourself.

4. Our livelihood depends on great service

Most brokerages are small, independent business owners who know that good reputation and word-of-mouth advertising are vital to their continued success.

That’s why our number one incentive will always be to deliver excellent results and impeccable customer care.

5. We do all the hard work for you

So you’ve just picked out the home of your dreams. You should be spending time comparing wallpaper patterns, not figuring out how to file all the paperwork.

Fortunately, we take care of all the paperwork on your behalf, making the lending process as simple, fast and convenient as possible.

Get in touch

If you, a friend or a family member is looking at purchasing a home in the near future, then get don’t hesitate to get in touch.

By making the process of finding finance easier for you, you’ll have more time to use the internet for what it was truly made for: online shopping, watching a flick and catching up on the news!

Why you can get a better home loan deal using a mortgage broker

Why you can get a better home loan deal using a mortgage broker

So you’ve found the ideal property and it’s time to source finance? Here’s how to play your cards right and get a great home loan deal sorted before the settlement date.

Educating the kids, wedding planning, plumbing – there are some things in life that are better outsourced to professionals.

Similarly, when you’ve finally found the home of your dreams, and you need to keep ahead of the avalanche of tasks that follow, using the services of a mortgage broker can make the process a lot less overwhelming.

Your three choices

Basically, there are three ways you can go about getting your loan. You can go straight to your bank, you can look for the best deal yourself, or you can seek the help of a mortgage broker.

However, as buying a home is quite likely the biggest single financial transaction that you’ll ever make in your life, it’s important to make the right choice.

1. Going to your bank

For some people, it’s natural to go straight to the bank because that’s what you know and trust and it’s probably what your parents did.

But this can be a mistake. There are dozens of lenders out there who may be offering better deals, and your bank may take advantage of you not shopping around due to your misplaced loyalty to them.

If you have established a good credit history and a steady income, chances are that you’ll still be able to get a good interest rate through a bank. What they can’t and won’t do though is tell you if there is a better deal available elsewhere.

2. Going it alone

You can jump online and start doing loan comparisons yourself. Be aware though, that there are differences in criteria, so it’s not altogether straightforward and online calculators will have built-in assumptions.

You will need to have a good understanding of the industry and a good grip on the terminology.

You’ll also need to understand the implications of loan terms, fixed interest and variable interest options, interest only vs principal and interest, mortgage protection insurance, credit history, and employee vs self-employed status.

Finally, you’ll need to consider redraw options and offset accounts. That’s a lot to weigh up in a short amount of time – especially if you need to source finance quickly.

3. Using a broker

Having a broker is like having a personal shopper who will research and compare hundreds of available market options in search of the best deal for you. We’re also required to hold or operate under an Australian Credit Licence.

A broker will have access to multiple lenders and multiple products, will be able to compare and recommend suitable loan options, negotiate the loan on your behalf, and guide you through from application to settlement.

We also don’t cost any extra. That’s because we’re paid a commission by the lender. Rest assured though, that we’re driven to secure the best possible home loan deal for you.

After all, having you tell family and friends at your house warming party about how we secured you a great home loan is much more valuable to us than slight variations in commissions.

The choice is yours

Any of these three options will get you there, but choosing a mortgage broker like us is likely the best way to be fully informed before you commit to a loan.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have, any time, meaning you don’t have to trawl through pages upon pages of Google to find the correct answer.

It’s also the most stress free way of getting your finance lined up in time, so that the home of your dreams doesn’t get snatched up by someone else!

If you’d like to know more about how we can secure a great home loan for you, get in touch today.



3 Questions to consider before refinancing

Who would have ever thought we would see one of the big 4 banks offering an interest rate of 3.59%.  Without a doubt their are opportunities for you to save significant money on your home loan.

Now is the time to refinance…..  Or is it….

Watch on as I discuss 3 questions you should ask yourself before refinancing your home loan.

If you would prefer to read instead of watching the video, scroll down to see a transcript.

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Hello, Brendan from Buyers Choice, your home financing specialist.

This week, I want to have a chat about refinancing.

Given the current climate we’re in, the number of offers out there from various lenders, a common discussion I have with various people is, is now a good time to refinance?

If you’re thinking about refinancing, I think there’s three questions that you should ask yourself before committing to refinancing your home loan.

Question 1

The first one is, has your finances changed? Have you received a pay increase? Have your expenses gone up? Your child’s moved from primary school to high school, or they’ve decided to start eating twice as much food. Have you had a new baby come into your life?

There’s various things which could have happened which changes your financial situation. As a result, it may mean it is a good time, or it could mean that it’s a poor time to refinance your home.

Question 2

The second question you should be asking yourself, will refinancing save you money?

Now, I have previously done a video on the costs which you incur when you refinance your home. It isn’t a zero-sum gain. There’s also, and I’ve mentioned this previously, the fact that if you’re over an 80% loan-to-value ratio, LMI will be involved, so Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

So between that and the cost of refinancing, it could cost you from $1000 to a couple of thousand dollars to $10,000, depending on the size of your loan and your circumstances, to refinance.

Now, if you’re, found a great new rate, and you’re saving $50 a month by refinancing your home loan, but it’s gonna cost you $1000 to refinance, is it worth it? Is it worth your time and effort, getting all the information together, putting it all together, submitting the application, going through all that, for something which is gonna take you 20 months to pay off?

No, you’re better off staying where you are. So it’s a consideration that you gotta put into mind.

Question 3

The third question you should ask yourself is, are you planning on selling your home in the near future?

And again, it’s around, if your plan is to sell, move on, upgrade, do whatever, now may not be the best time to refinance. There’s a lot of effort, you’ve gotta get all the paperwork together, you’ve gotta put the application in, you’ve gotta go through the process.

If you’re going to a new lender, you’ve gotta set up all your accounts and everything else. So as a result, if you’re considering selling your home in the near future, or your loan’s starting to get small, there’s only a small amount still to be repaid, it may not be worthwhile refinancing.

We look around and we see these great rates. Save an extra 0.25% here, fix it for three years at this new, never-before-seen and never-be-seen-again interest rate.

But unless there is a benefit to us, it’s not worth doing.

So next time when you’re thinking about refinancing, think about these three questions again.

Has your financial situation changed?

Are you going to save money by refinancing?

And are you looking at selling your place in the near future?

And if those answers don’t add up to you, just put it on hold until the next time you review your home loan.

Anyway, Brendan from Buyers Choice, great talking to you again today.

Please hit like to this video, and if you’ve got any questions, feedback, please leave a comment below.

Look forward to talking to you next time. Have a wonderful day.

Top 5 home loan mistakes to avoid when refinancing

Top 5 home loan mistakes to avoid when refinancing

There has never been a better time to refinance the home loan. Interest rates are at the lowest levels we have ever seen or are likely to see in our lifetime.

It is a great idea to regularly assess your home loan to see if refinancing can save you money or provide you with additional benefits.  However any home loan mistakes made while refinancing can become very costly.

Brendan Barker - Home Financing Specialist - Home Loans - Car Loans - Personal Loans

When refinancing your home loan you will either switch to a new product with your current lender or move your mortgage to another bank. Refinancing provides you with a wonderful opportunity to save money, access additional features, consolidate debt or access the equity in your home.

While there are plenty of people which will readily tell you why you should refinance your home. Today we are going to look at 5 common mistakes people make when refinancing and how to avoid them.



Whether it’s a new car or the latest gadget, you know it pays to shop around for the best deal. When it comes to the home loan mistakes, the most common is home owners going back to the same lender that they are currently using.  Why not you have had a relationship with them for years.

Each lender has only a limited number of loan products and cannot offer you true choice. For example a small difference in interest rate can have a big impact on the cost to you. On a $400,000 home loan with a 30 year term, a 0.25% difference in interest rate could cost you $59 per month, which adds up to $3,535 over the first 5 years of the loan.

Shopping around for better home refinance rates from reputable brokers is always a better alternative. Reputable finance brokers have access to many lenders and can help find a lender and product which meets your needs and requirements.


When questions about home loans come up, most borrowers turn to their friends, family, work colleagues, the media or their local bank. Friends, family and work colleagues are often unreliable sources of information because what has worked for one person may not be suitable for the next.

The media can be good places to get high level view of what is available, but will not shed much light on your individual situation. Banks and other lenders are good sources of information and will advise on how it suits your individual circumstances, however are limited to the products which they offer.

A reputable finance broker will provide you with information and expert advice which takes your needs and circumstances into account helping you avoid this common home loan mistake.



Talk to homeowners and they’ll likely tell you about how complex, confusing and time-consuming getting a home loan can be. Knowing that, it’s certainly a good idea to arm yourself with as much knowledge about borrowing as possible.

Talk to your finance broker who can educate you on the process, providing details on what is required from the application to settlement.


Given that so many homeowners look to a single lender when shopping for their mortgage, it’s not surprising that most borrowers will pick lenders based on geographic proximity, a pre-existing financial relationship, or other factors, like reputation, none of which may be relevant to the loan’s total cost.

The downside of picking a lender based on location, an existing relationship or reputation is that they can lose out on getting a loan which suits your needs and requirements, resulting in long-term money going out the window.

But the best deal isn’t necessarily the lowest rate, different loan products may have the same rate but substantially different costs, which underscores the need to learn about the variety of loans available.  This common home loan mistakes is easy to avoid by focusing on your needs and requirements.


Your home loan could become uncompetitive in only a few years. Lenders are always reassessing their interest rates and may have jacked up the rate of your loan so that it is longer competitive. The competition among lenders is such that new loan features and other innovations are being added all the time, and you might be missing out on benefits which can help you save money in the long term.

Your circumstances may have changed, a new bubbling baby on the way, the kids about to start university or parents needing your support. Whatever the reason your needs and requirements will change over time and what was a suitable loan a few short years ago may not be suitable for you now.

You should review your home loan at least every 2 years. Of all the home loan mistakes, if costs nothing to check and could save you thousands of dollars a year.

If you’re considering refinancing your home loan, your next step should be to read our Consumer’s Guide to Refinancing Your Home. In this fact-filled booklet, you’ll discover the risks and benefits of refinancing your home loan, 10 costly errors when refinancing your home, and 4 steps to hassle free refinancing of your home.

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Brendan Barker – How to Live the life of your dreams

Brendan Barker – How to Live the life of your dreams

Brendan Barker Home Financing Specialist - Save Money and Own Your Home SoonerI was going on my regular morning walk, pushing my 6-month-old son along in the pram, his mum was getting a well-earned sleep in.  Johnathon was sleeping again, as he usually did on our morning walks.

As I walked I was reflecting on how much had changed.  It was only two years ago that I had got married.  It was 12 months since I left my job in the mining industry, to spend time with my wife during her pregnancy.

6 months before Johnathon had arrived.

Now here I was walking the streets, pushing Johnathon along, thinking about the future.  I had spent 20 years in the mining industry, and if I am honest with myself left my last job burnout.

Heading back out to the mines. Working 12 hour days. Spending time away from my family.

My passion for mining industry had disappeared.

Time to Live My Dream

It was time to find a new future, a new direction.  All I knew at that time, as I walked down the street, was I wanted a job which allowed me to spend time with my family.

It took time but the pieces started to come together, two of my passions in life were my family and finances.  I had always had an interest in finances, probably got it from my dad who had worked in the banking industry for 40 years.

All I knew was that I wanted to help people like myself, people with young families.  People who would like help with their finances.

  • Have you ever been in the situation where you have committed to too much?
  • Having a bill to pay and not sure where the funds are going to come from to pay it?
  • Can’t remember the last time you had a holiday and don’t know when you will have your next one?

Having that feeling overwhelm when it comes to your home finances or your mind just goes blank when the local bank manager starts talking about LVR, fixed and variable, split loans…….

Have you found your dream home, the perfect place you want to raise your family?  Close to the schools, shops, all the amenities you want?  But you don’t know how you are ever going to afford it?

I spend the time to get to know you, your needs, and all the other things that don’t fit neatly into a form.  I invest the time with you so that I get to understand your financial situation, your needs and requirements. So that I can help structure your finances so that you can achieve your goals and dreams.

My clients learn how to save money and own their homes sooner.

Call me on 07 3911 1190 for a 15-minute chat to see how I can help you live the life of your dreams.