Supporting Documentation to bring along to your home loan interview.

To prove your identity:

Both, your:

  • Driver’s License and
  • Passport

To prove your PAYG Income:

Any two (2) of:

  • Your last two (2) consecutive pay slips
  • Letter from employer (dated in the last month, on letterhead, with full contact details)
  • Your most recent Payment Summary (Group Certificate) and Tax Assessment Notice
  • If you have changed employment in the last year or you have other forms of income, a copy of your last two (2) years Income Tax Returns and Tax Assessment Notices

To prove your Self-Employed Income:

  • Copy of last two (2) years Income Tax Returns (BOTH personal and company returns & Tax Assessment Notices)
  • Copy of last two (2) years Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements

If you receive rental Income:

Any one of:

  • Copy of executed Lease Agreements OR Managing Agent’s Statements
  • Letter from Real Estate Agent detailing the potential market rental

Asset / Saving History:

  • A copy of your last six (6) months statements of your savings/cheque accounts verifying your cash holdings
  • Copy of all loan (or lease) statements and/or receipts of payments made for the last 6 months
  • Copy of all Credit Card Statements for the last 6 months
  • A Statutory Declaration from any person providing a monetary gift to assist with the transaction (the Declaration must state the amount involved and that it is an unconditional, non-repayable gift)

New Property Purchase:

  • Front page of Contract of Sale (signed by Vendor and Purchaser)
  • Copy of receipt for deposit already paid

If You Are Building:

  • Copy of Council Approved Plans
  • Copy of Fixed Price Building Contract (detailing amount and timing of progress payments)
  • Copy of Building Specifications/Schedule of Finishes

If You Are Refinancing:

  • Copy of loan statements for the last 12 months for ALL loans being refinanced
  • Copy of latest Rates Notice showing title particulars
  • Copy of Building Insurance Policy

Additionally for First Home Buyers

  • Certified copy of Contract of Sale
  • Certified copy of Identification documents (for all borrowers/purchasers)
  • Original of First Home Onwer Grant Application Forms
Please note that every lender has different requirements as to the supporting documentation required.  While every care was made in compiling this list of documents additional documentation may be required to meet the particular lenders requirements.