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$15,000 HomeBuilder grant deadline fast approaching

Thinking of building, buying a new home or renovating?

The HomeBuilder scheme ends on March 31, which means you’ve got less than two weeks to take advantage of the $15,000 grant.

7 ways to make your property more attractive to potential buyers

Did you know more than a third of Australian homeowners are considering putting their property up for sale so they can take advantage of the current boom in prices?

Here’s how to get your property looking spick and span for prospective buyers.

Time to roll up those sleeves

HomeBuilder sparks surge in home loans

Been thinking about a new build or reno lately? Thousands of families across the country look to have rolled up their sleeves and committed to it, according to the latest ABS data.

Applications now open for $25,000 HomeBuilder grant in all states

What would you spend the extra $25,000 on for your home?