Moving Checklist

This simple moving checklist will help you with planning the big move to your new home.

moving checklist
Disconnect Utilities

You should notify your service providers at least 48 hours prior to your Move. Some services may be able to be redirected to your new address.

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Telephone and Internet
  • Pay TV


Cancel or Redirect

  • Mail
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Milk/Bread


Let your family, friends & business associates know your new address

Send “Change of Address” notifications to:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Employer
  • Doctor & Dentist
  • Bank
  • Electoral Commission
  • Accountant & Tax Office
  • Sporting Groups
  • Clubs & Social Groups
  • Others ______________________
Getting Ready to Move
  • If you are renting notify the real estate agent about your intentions to move
  • Get quotes for removalists and book one for the big day
  • If packing yourself organise boxes
  • Prepare a floor plan of your new home and number rooms for boxes
  • Number each box with the allocated room number
  • Pack fragile items and if possible move them to your new home yourself
  • Keep your valuables with you at all times
  • Defrost freezer and clean fridge
  • Throw out all the rubbish
  • Arrange for the carpet cleaning

Don’t forget about the new house

  • Check that the carpets are clean
  • Prepare to clean all the cupboards and bathrooms before moving in
  • Make sure all the utilities have been connected
  • Remember your new home and contents insurance

Final Checks

  • Turn off the water, gas & electricity
  • Final check of the cupboards, storage room, shed & garage
  • Lock the house securely
  • If renting, ask real estate agent to prepare the bond release

Moving house tips

The simple tips below will help you avoid some of the common hiccups people experience when moving house.

Does your insurance policy cover you for moving?

Not all home insurance policies will cover you when you move. Some will not cover you at all if you are using a professional mover and others will only cover a % of your belongings if you are moving yourself.  If you have items at both your old and new residence is everything covered? Always worthwhile talking to your insurance provider prior to the move to understand what is covered and allow you time to take out any additional cover you may need.

Disconnect the utilities after you’ve cleaned

Make sure you request that your utilities, electricity and gas, are disconnected after you or the hired professional have finished cleaning the house.  It is a bit embarrassing when there is no power to operate the vacuum cleaner.

Check your meter before electricity is connected

Where is the electricity meter located? Is your meter accessible? Is it in the ‘off’ position? Remember, some units or apartments may have two main switches.

Switching your gas on

Have you got natural gas or LPG bottles?  Always check that all the gas appliances are off before turning on the gas to the house.  Follow your suppliers instructions to turn on the gas, always wait a few minutes before trying one of your gas appliances. If you have a gas hot water system the pilot light will need re-igniting too. If you can’t get your gas running, please contact your service provider.

Record your meter readings

Take a photo of your electricity, water and gas meters before moving in.  This will allow you to check that the first utility bill is correct and also provides some documentary evidence if you want to dispute the bill.

If you are moving into an apartment

To save unexpected delays, find out where apartment access bays are located, how to get a lift key, and if there are any set moving times to be aware of.  The site manager or body corporate should be able to provide you with this information.

Take care with fridges and freezers

If your fridge or freezer was laid on their side or back while being moved they should be left for 24 hours in the upright position before being plugged in and turned on to ensure that the coolant works properly.