Home Financing Services

Brisbane, Logan, Springfield

Buying your first home, upsizing, investing in property, or purchasing a car for your business: if you need a loan to make any of these things happen, I can help.

I offer comprehensive mortgage broking services. Thanks to my membership with Buyers Choice – Home Loan Advisory Service, and agreements with Plan Australia and other partner organisations, I have access to a wide range of lenders and loans.

But it’s not just the range of mortgages I offer that’s comprehensive. I also provide a step-by-step, personalised mortgage service from pre-approval to post-settlement. As your Home Financing Specialist, I support you through the entire mortgage process, and beyond.

Below is an outline of each of the services that I provide.

Credit Advice

As an MFAA accredited Finance Broker, I have the necessary knowledge and experience to identify the most suitable loan for your goals and financial circumstances. You’ll save time and experience peace of mind with qualified credit advice.

Buying Your Home

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first time home buyer, or you’re purchasing your second, third, or twenty-second home. I help you to choose and apply for the right loan for you. In addition to a general home loan service, I also offer a specialist first home buyers service to help you achieve the goal of owning your first home.

Purchasing Investment Property

Building your wealth with bricks and mortar is often a savvy investment decision. I help you to choose the right loan to match your financial circumstances, and your investment goals. Often, this means choosing different loan products to those you would choose were you buying a home to live in. With step-by-step assistance and personalised advice, I help you find the right investment property loan for you.


The mortgage market is ever-changing, and the interest rate can sometimes feel like it yo-yos. When rates drop, rise, or your financial circumstances change, it’s time to consider refinancing your home loan. I take the hassle out of refinancing by providing you with qualified personal advice, and taking care of the process as much as possible. Learn more here.