Buying your First Home

Buying your first home is an exciting time – for most people buying a home is the biggest financial decision they will ever make.  

At the same time it is your opportunity to create wonderful memories and invest for your future. It may still feel like a distant dream, but with a little help, it could very well be a reality just around the next corner! 

I understand that buying a home can be a daunting process, especially when there are so many things to consider. That’s where our First Home Buyers Guide comes in!

First Home Buyers Guide   

Our First Home Buyers guide covers the following:

For most people buying a home is the biggest financial decision they will ever make.  The guide covers the 3 key questions your should ask yourself when you set your criteria for finding your new home.  


Saving for your deposit is the first major step towards buying your first home. The guide covers setting your budget and the additional costs you need to consider like Stamp Duty and Lender Fee’s to name a few. 


The Guide steps out the process from the first meeting to arrange your finance through to settlement.  What you need to do and when it needs to happen. 

Here are a few more key areas that are covered in the Guide… 

  • Why a place of your own…
  • Different Ways to buy property…
  • How home loan applications are assessed…
  • The documentation you need for a home loan application…
  • Types of Home Loans…
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid…
  • Planning for the future…  

Looking to buy your first home?

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