To start the year off on a positive note first up I look at turning those New Years Resolutions into achievable Goals.  It doesn’t matter what you would like to achieve, paying off the home loan quicker, saving for a holiday or loosing a kilo or two.

Watch on as I discuss setting achievable goals.

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Hello, it’s Brendan from Buyer’s Choice, your home financing specialist, and today I wanna have a quick chat about setting goals.

New year, 2018’s here, and we’ve all probably made some resolutions on what we want to achieve throughout this year. It could be paying off the home loan quicker, saving a deposit for an overseas holiday. In my case, losing a kilo or two.

We’ve all done it over the years, we’ve all made resolutions, we’ve said, on the 31st of December, next year I’m going to, fill in the blank. And that’s probably appropriate for most of us. It is fill in the blank.

We have all these good intentions, but that’s all they are, good intentions. How do we take what are good intentions, and what we’re planning on doing for the best of reasons, and make them happen?

In my case, 2018 is gonna be the year I get my weight under control. I want to focus on my health, I want to improve things.

For me, it’s a major goal, of a fitness level where I can enjoy spending time with my son for the next couple of decades? He’s four, there’s a lot of time that we can enjoy, playing together, but we can’t do that if I’m not fit and healthy.

How are we gonna do this?

Quite often we set ourselves a goal. We’ll use me as an example, I’m gonna lose 20 kilos. Great, but that’s where it ends.

We’ve set ourselves a goal. We might go as far as saying, I’m gonna exercise a couple of times a week, but we don’t make it something which is achievable.

We don’t make it something which we can measure.

We don’t put a deadline on it, something which is timely.

This year I’m gonna approach things differently, and if you’ve got goals, resolutions that you want to achieve, I recommend you follow a similar process.

The first thing, we have our overarching theme, our focus, what we want to focus on. In my case, it’s my health. 2018, a major focus for me will be my health, and in a large extent, losing weight.

We step down to the next level, and our major goal itself under there. For this, we wanna make that goal something which we’re gonna achieve in the next 90 days. While I’ve got the bigger picture of my health, and where I wanna end up being, we want something which is achievable in the short term.

My 90 day goal is to lose 10 kilos. It’s about half a kilo, three quarters a kilo a week, which is achievable. I’ve got my 90 day goal, but even then, how am I gonna achieve it? What are the steps I’m gonna take?

This is the key to the process that I use with goal setting, which takes it from that high in the sky, I’m gonna do this, to the tire hitting the pavement, really getting action on what you wanna do. Under that 90 day goal, losing 10 kilos in the next 90 days, I’ve then put together three process goals.

Three goals which I’m gonna do on a week in, week out basis. These aren’t looking at long term results or all the rest. It is three things that I’m gonna do which are gonna get me to that higher level, 90 day goal.

In my case, again, one’s gonna be going to the gym at least four times a week. Combination of cardio work, weight work. I’ve got a plan, I’ve got a program I’m gonna follow. My goal is to be at the gym four days a week.

The second goal I’m gonna have is sticking to my diet. I’ve worked with a dietician, she’s given me a diet that I’ve gotta follow. Goal number two that I’m gonna do week in, week out, is follow that diet that she’s given me.

Goal number three, I’ve been reading a few things about health and what’s good for you, and they say drinking water, particularly in place of drinking soft drinks, alcohol, and a lot of other things, is extremely good for you, so, as a result, my third goal is gonna be drink at least three liters of water per day.

There I’ve got three actionable goals that I can follow each week. Simple things to follow. Have I gone to the gym four days and done my program? Yes, no?

If it’s no, I can look back at the end of the week and say, righty-o, why didn’t I? What’s gotta change? What do I need to do to achieve my goal?

In summary, I’ll just go over them again.

We’ve got our major area of focus, what we wanna achieve over the course of the year. It could be something multi-year, doesn’t matter.

Underneath that, we break it into a 90 day goal. What do we want to achieve in the next 90 days? Something which we can achieve, it’s got to be obtainable in the next 90 days.

Finally, underneath that, three process goals, goals where we take action, where we make things occur.

If we break up our goals that way, turn our new year resolutions into 90 day goals, and put some process things, steps that we’re gonna do week in, week out underneath it, you’ll be surprised how quickly your goal is achieved.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I perform on my goals, and if you continue to watch my videos on a regular basis, you’ll know how I’m going on achieving my goals, because the proof will be in what you see. If I can do what I’m say I’m going to do, I’ll see that improvement week in, week out.

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